Capsicum Delivers Total Inter-Connectivity for a Creative Agency to Thrive


“Capsicum have been instrumental in delivering a total technology solution for our creative team to excel with complete interactivity. And when we have been faced with challenges, Capsicum have been promptly on hand to fix our problems and limit our downtime. I’d recommend them to anyone needing a smart technology solution to keep their business running smoothly. Thank you Capsicum”
Paul Signitzer – Director - Edge Marketing Solutions

The Business

EDGE Marketing are a thriving creative agency with clients locally, nationally and globally. Their team relies on total inter-connectivity to maintain streamlined digital communications across multiple users and disciplines.

The Challenge

EDGE is an information heavy environment across web, graphic, video, audio and communications media. With multiple creatives accessing common information, EDGE requires a robust platform to collate, store and administer a significant volume of digital information whilst maintaining strict protocols for security, accessibility and usage. They require remote access to their digital information to support remote business activities and operations. Being an information business, they require a fullproof solution to keep their backups current.

The Solution

EDGE is a humming digital environment. Their team accesses their server both in-house and remotely to keep business communications flowing. With a central server and smart backup protocols implemented by Capsicum, EDGE enjoys a totally interactive workspace in which the team can collaborate efficiently and effectively to deliver exceptional results for their clients. They enjoy total peace of mind with a resolute backup process to keep their client’s information secure

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