IOT Automation

Capsicum Corporation are the Developers behind the 100% open-source smart IOT automation platform

Capsicum develops IT solutions for integrating, monitoring and connecting smart IOT devices into your operations. Built on the robust, proven enterprise level iOmy platform, Capsicum have deployed the automation technology to connect with any smart device, regardless of the connection type or protocol. Developed as a 100% end to end open source solution, the entire IOT platform incorporates cloud, hardware, subscriber management, enterprise level security and connectivity to any smart device, system or brand. The iOmy system can be customised to the individual automation needs of your organisation.

Automation is simply lots of IO sensors and actuators integrated for monitoring and control. Applying it to each of its applications and making it all work together is the challange in the current automation era. With millions of new smart devices coming online every year, each with different protocols and technologies and an expectation of 50 billion smart devices by 2020, Capsicum provides the IT engineering conduit for securing your automation strategy to work as one. iOmy is the software hub that works as the universal translator for integrating all of the different technologies.

With applications in utility, agriculture, transport, health, commercial and industrial automation applications, Capsicum supports the iOmy platform with system architecture, engineering design, enhanced user experience and system integration customised to individual businesses. The applications of iOmy in your business are endless...

  • Integrating different hardware and systems to work together seamlessly
  • Manage, monitor and control processes in your operations
  • Unify all your operations back to a simple central management hub
  • Simplify user experiences and workflow
  • Automate processes and reduce costs

If you are looking to integrate your IOT devices and systems to work together to improve accessibility, monitoring, connectivity and workflow, talk to the Capsicum engineering team about developing a custom solutio and realise your IOT automation potential. Contact us at or call 1300 66 66 26.

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